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Influencer Program

I was accepted into the influencer program, now what?

First of all congratulations! That means you have unlocked the ability to receive free polishes!

If you have already gotten an email that says you have the ability to claim three free polishes then your package will be sent out within my 7 day shipping time.

If you got an email that says you were approved but it contains a disclaimer about reaching my limit of sending out packages for the month then your free polishes will be sent at a later date.

Please understand I am still a small business and just one person so I cannot prioritize influencers over my paying customers. I usually send out 10 free influencer packages a month, each containing three polishes and depending on your followers, a free extra mini polishes


What should I do after getting the polishes? 

If you could swatch each one and tag me on Instagram that would be great! Please use the hashtag #pr when posting. If you would like to share your swatches on other platforms to that would be amazing.

Please note I will be keeping track of who does and does not post swatches and failure to do so within a month of receiving the polishes will be up for removal from the program as this uses my time, money and resources to be able to provide the program so please keep that in mind!

If you have any questions please let me know!